Recently polymer science is developed in such a fast manner that the industries and institutions related to polymeric materials have developed in tremendous rate. To meet this need, the study of polymer science is essential in colleges and universities. Hence in 1995 the first BSc degree course in polymer chemistry was started in our college with physics and mathematics as subsidiaries under a special pattern. Syllabus includes all the papers of BSc General Chemistry and special papers on polymer chemistry. All students of the first B.Sc. batch passed with high marks and our students secured second and third ranks in the university. The above performance was followed by the successive batches also. Most of the students went for higher studies and are now well placed in various fields.

Inspired by the scope and job opportunities in the field of polymer science, we applied for the PG course in polymer chemistry. M Sc. Polymer chemistry was started in 1998 immediately after the first batch of BSc. Polymer chemistry passed out. Thus our college was the first to start a PG course in polymer chemistry under Calicut University and this was the first post graduate department of the college. The scheme and syllabus of the PG course was prepared in such a way that all the importantpapers of general chemistry were incorporated with additional five papers on polymer chemistry and polymer technology. All efforts are made to draw out the highest performance from students. Many of our students are now occupying prominent positions in various fields.