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         Vagartha, a resource centre of the Department of English, is a separate entity that ensures mutual give and take of knowledge among the teacher student community in and around Valanchery. Its knowledge sharing platform offers wide vistas and pastures new.

         Mrs. Athira Radhakrishnan acts as the co-ordinator of Vagartha. This novel venture has been greatly applauded by the teaching community. All queries regarding the problems of the advanced learning of English, forwarded to Vagartha are dealt with utmost care and solutions are provided promptly. In situations where the faculty was in no position to provide solutions, assistance of accessible sources was made use of. The activities of the club would involve the use of creative potential of students that will exhibit itself in the ventures like Campus Radio, publication of daily News Letter, Magazines and Literary Associations.

                 Campus Radio, one of the exciting outcomes of Vagartha, started in the yester year, is a spot to showcase the budding literary talents of students. It embarked upon the recent social and cultural issues with occasional jingles and anecdotes, thereby entertaining and educating the students at the same time. It literally becomes the campus voice by giving students a platform to express their voices and visions and enabling the students’ access to the right information at the right time.

                 It was as a part of our club correspondence works are done by the faculties of the Department of English. Matters related to the office and Principal’s desk comprising drafting of letters and framing of official documents are taken care of. Translation of official documents is also undertaken by the faculties of our resource centre as a part of extension activities.

         In order to introduce the students to the wider horizons of literature and language, we organize literary bustles including commemoration of legendary figures, quiz programmes and reading sessions. The club also intends to arrange seminars and workshops by inviting suggestions from the desired students to improve their reading, writing and interview skills. Vagartha triggered conducive thoughts in its members, encouraged them to form ripples out of it and inspired them in to the vibes of action.

         The Debating Forum which functions under the aegis of Vagartha puts an eye on the communicative and soft skill development of the students. Recent political and social issues are put under discussions with an aim to make the students sensitive to the world around them. Group Discussions, Debates and Jam sessions are undertaken to foster the communicative competence along with an aim to generate rhetoricians out of the wards.

         The Language Lab was opened to the students with this mission in mind and to foster a love for language by providing an avenue beyond their regular curriculum. The resource centre has to its credit the service of a panel of experts from within and outside.

   Vagartha provides an aura of creative atmosphere to encourage, enthuse and enlighten the students towards the right track.