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Kanma Infotainment Club

“Kanma” Infotainment Club

Visual media has acquired profound influence in the life of the people, especially the young. “Kanma” infotainment Club was formed to create awareness among the students of the college about films as well as educative and informative documentaries.

The Club was established in the year 2011. Dr. Sajid A Latheef acts as the co-ordinator of Infotainment Club. It has been accepted widely that the modern student community should be well informed about our glorious tradition in the world of cinema. Infotainment club offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the film classics, both national and international.

The Club organizes a general film festival every academic year, which includes screening of films of contemporary world cinema. Along with that, Infotainment Club, in collaboration with the Department of English, conducts special screenings based on specific film makers and writers.  Film festivals based on the literary works of various authors is a specialty of Infotainment Club. The screening is preceded by a PowerPoint presentation introducing the author, the literary text and the film text. Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, H G Wells, Bram Stoker were some of the authors featured in this session.

This venture was greatly applauded as it opens a way to enrich the literary and filmic culture of the student. The Club also encourages the students who are interested in making short films of their own. Screening of films made by the students themselves are also conducted.

 “Kanma” Infotainment Club has proved itself to have an important role in shaping our students awareness of visual media in this era.