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High-energy nuclear physics studies the behaviour of nuclear matter in energy regimes typical of high energy physics. The primary focus of this field is the study of heavy-ion collisions, as compared to lower atomic mass atoms in other particle accelerators. At sufficient collision energies, these types of collisions are theorized to produce the quark–gluon plasma. In peripheral nuclear collisions at high energies one expects to obtain information on the electromagnetic production of leptons and mesons which are not accessible in electron-positron colliders due to their much smaller luminosities.

Major Topics

  •     Nuclear Power Generation
  •     Nuclear and Radiation Hazards
  •     Nuclear reactors and controversies 
  •     Nuclear Science and layman
  •     Large Hardron Collider 
  •     High Energy Physics
  •     Evalution of Universe
  •     Higgs Bosson/ Gods Particles