The objective of higher education can be accomplished when its social obligations are fulfilled.  So the new generation has to be trained in such away that they are cap[able of showing social awareness and commitments towards the society. They must be able to realize the realities of life, the miseries and the hardship of common people through the social service activities. This new knowledge which will not be gained from the classroom will make the higher education more meaningful and effective.  Calicut University   introduced Compulsory social service as a pre-requisite for the award of first degree. The undergraduate students are required to complete 30 days of C.S.S. programme during the course of study, normally ten days in each academic year for the three year degree courses. All activities that are beneficial to the society those in which the students indulge alone or in group or as joint ventures with other social organizations or autonomous institutions come under the purview of social service. The programme is introduced for articulating the theoretical knowledge of students with practical knowledge and experience.

CSS Co-ordinator: Prof. P. Minishya