M E S KEVEEYAM college, Valanchery was established in 1981 and with that the English Department also came into existence. The college is situated in the educationally backward Malappuram District of Kerala and our institution was a great blessing to the nearby population.College started as a junior college with pre degree classes. Later it upgraded to UG and PG level.At the beginning the Department catered to the needs of the Pre-Degree and degree students who took up English as first language. The year 2001 saw a major change as far as the Department was concerned as it was the year in which the degree course in Functional English was started. The course started with a sanctioned strength of 24 students but there has been an enhancement in the sanctioned strength from 24 to 36 including marginal increase by the University. The course is designed in such a way that a student who has completed the course is able to meet any demand of English in their career whether it be written or spoken. On the successful completion of this three year course in functional English a student can walk in to the world of media related jobs, teaching, business or even banking with great confidence. It is with these aims in mind that the faculty of English Department has guided the students and we are proud to say that we have always been able to put up a brilliant show in the area of academic performance.All students of the first B.A. batch passed with high marks and the students of the subsequent batches secured ranks at the university level. Most of the students went for higher studies and are now well placed in various fields.Inspired by the scope and job opportunities for students of English in diverse fields, we applied for the PG course in English. M A. in English Language and Literature was started in 2013 as unaided programme. A state of the art language Lab was established in 2003. Large number of books were added to the library exclusively for the use of students of the department. There are 36 students in each batch of the UG and 6 students in the first batch of P.G.