Research is composed of two syllables, a prefix re and a verb search. Re means again, a new or over again. Search means to examine closely and carefully to test and try and probe. The two words form a noun to describe a careful and systematic study in some filed of knowledge, under taken to establish facts or principles (Grinnell, 1997).

Research Promotion Council

Coordinator : Dr. MP Unnikrishnan

The college actively promotes researches by the faculties. A Research Promotion Council is functioning in the college to encourage researches and projects by the teachers.


• Research promotion council is to promote research attitude among the faculty.

• Research will help the faculty, students and the general public to have latest information in various fields.

• Research will help to have latest technologies and techniques, which can be used for the betterment of human life.

• To throw light on the field of measurement highlighting the need for and direction in different disciplines.

• Research council instigates teachers to take up studies in various fields.

• The methodology for studies has been clearly informed to the teachers.

• Properly formulated, specific objectives will facilitate the development of the research methodology and will help to orient the collection, analysis, interpretation and utilization of data.

Researches under various departments




Computer Application






Physical Education