The college union and its branch associations are meant for the responsible and constructive participation of the students.

They are to train students in leadership and administration and prepare them for public life. The union is constituted and function as per the directions of the University / Government.

Union Members

1. Shiraz Puthenveetil(Chairman)
2. Haseena Thasneem P (Vice Chairperson)
3. K Muhammed Aslam (General Secretary)
4. Jasmi Pokkat (Joint Secretory)
5. Shihabudheen K (University Union Counsillor)
Shaheeda Onathukattil(University Union Counsillor)
6. Mohamed Riyas K P (Fine Arts Secrotary)
7. Sajna Peediyakkathodi (Magazine Editor)
8. Sanwar Chungath (General Captain)