The college union and its branch associations are meant for the responsible and constructive participation of the students.

They are to train students in leadership and administration and prepare them for public life. The union is constituted and function as per the directions of the University / Government.

Union Members

2. Asna Jahan (Vice Chairperson)
3. Shibin P (General Secretory)
4. Muhsina (Joint Secretory)
5. Sajitha EM (University Union Counsillor)
Abinanth (University Union Counsillor)
6. Mohammed Badir (Fine Arts Secrotary)
7. Anjali Shaharin (Magazine Editor)
8. Vishnu VP (General Captain)

College union

After the election on 5th the college union inauguration programme of 25th September we came in to action as college union members we have conducted september .
The college union was inaugurated by Hon. E.T. Muhammed basher.MP
We have started the programme after the college union elected it self. But the official programme was startd from 25th .

Union activities

Onam celebration-

College union arranged onam celebration combined with aksharam kalasahithya vedhi, we have made two day celebration for onam. We have arranged pookkalam,vadamvali, slow bike raising, chak raise. Etx……

Bakreed celebration (on oct 9th)

As changes to the past celebration we celebrated a fullday bakreed programme as ‘MEHFIL 2013-14’ We have conducted mehendhi completion and super ganamela I after the noon.

College arts fest (nov 27.28.29)

College arts fest inaugurated by principal and there was a chief guest kalabhavan anilkumar, may diffrnt arts fest competiotion was conducted the great effort of college union members. A great co-operation of all teachers staff advisor.Prof. KHA.Razak sir helped us in conducting whole activity. The last 3 years champions commerce batch get bak to 3rd zoolgy department is 2nd position 4th position, and the enlgish dpt become the new champions and positon shared physics and chemistry dpt.
Have the Kalaprathibha Harikrishna yadhav. 3rd bcom,chithra prathibha Mohmmed shabeeb 3rd becom ,kalathilakam Sargga parthibha